Yellow, Sunflower Symphony …


… Sun Dust, Banana Dream, Golden Bark, Sun Drenched Saffron, Cobalt Yellow, Zinc Yellow …

Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road. Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road … We all live in a yellow submarine … The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray … Bring me sunshine …

The scientific term is sunlight not sunshine. I lose marks in a science exam for this error.

Yellow flowers are happy flowers. Daffodil, Primrose, Dandelion … [Never pick a dandelion, a pis en lit] … Sunflower, Rape, Buttercup, Cowslip, Jasmine, Broom, Golden Guinea, Hypericum, Laburnum … [never ingest Laburnum, a poisonous beauty].

Sun, lightning, canary bird, rubber duck, bananas, lemon curd, gold, beach, pac-man, cheese, bees, summer, lions, jelly, grapefruit, double-yellow- lines, American cabs. “Lemons were used by Venetians to bleach their hair in the sun … gentlemen prefer blondes!” [Back to Marilyn] “Black and yellow sends a warning! DANGER, I am a wasp – keep your distance. The wasp circles the Burger King, McDonalds and Pizza Hut, fast convenience food lettered in livid ‘Jump At You’ typography – black and yellow, red and yellow.” (Derek Jarman, Chroma)


Daydreaming out of the window on a hot Summer’s day. The teacher’s words are dull and muffled; the sun makes everything glint, and sucks the shadows out of their dark corners. Creative spontaneous active alert cheery expressive fearful young visible bight cheerful curious lightweight coward playful nutritious dishonest envious hazardous cautious energy imagination joy laughter light play optimism. A colour of childhood. Yellow is a doubled-edged sword.

At night the stars twinkle a hot, white yellow. A twinkling star is a star in death.

“The executioner in Spain was dressed and painted in yellow.” The yellow Star of David sent Jews to the gas chamber.

Hysteria, depression, madness; tearing at the Yellow Wallpaper in her room, Gliman’s heroine trapped in a room of yellow sunshine (sunlight); the heat is exhausting.





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