Green, Lime Zest, Forest Lake…


Japanese Maze, Soft Moss, Willow Creek, Kiwi Burst, Paradise, Emerald Delight, Tarragon Glory, Dublin Bay, Peppermint Beach.

Punctuating our vision on every corner; green is hard to avoid.

Councils plant up patches with Beech and Poplar trees to create the obligatory “green spaces”, counteracting the grey contours and glass facades of the city. In towns we are greeted by municipal squares, suburban gardens, and café plant pots and hanging baskets.

But the most intriguing greens are those intruders or outsiders. They push their heads through the gaps in fencing; they creep into, and root themselves in wall crevices; cling nervously to the edges of roof guttering. These are adventurous, non-conformist greens who do not want to sit sedately in borders alongside pristinely mowed lawns.

For Jarman, the lawn is a boring green. Instead, for his garden in Dungeness, he opted for shingle as the bed for his Paradise – a material the result of green and blue caresses. A souvenir of the sea.  

Ten green bottles hanging on the wall, and if one green bottle should accidentally fall …..

 Kandinsky who heard colours in music said: “Absolute green is represented by the placid middle notes of a violin.”

Patient nature adventurous relaxed athletic unfortunate luck balanced sharing clean fertility fresh lazy safe decay envious ill poison unripe balanced calm comfort faith foliage friendship luck harmony renewal jealously.

 Fennel, Mint, Thyme, Ivy, Carex albula “Frosted Curls”  

‘Eat your greens’ … ‘Go Green!’ … the colour of slogans. 

Green is a colour of binaries: both sickly and fresh; the Garden of Eden, yet the Serpent’s writhing body. Both the khaki of war and the zest of newly unfurled nature; saplings gunned down, shredded by a green of combat.

Archaic green colours time … Green clothes the earth in tranquillity, ebbs and flows with seasons. In it is the hope of Resurrection. [Jarman]





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