A Film of Blue, part 1.

Jarman’s Blue (1993) starts with a black screen which slowly progresses to blue. A bell tolls. Nothing changes visually. All remains a solid blue. Blue flashes in my eyes and blue trickles into my ears; listen to the sounds of blue: mechanical metallic sounds; a mournful trumpet; a crying oboe; a spring harp; screeching cars; a coffee maker; whispers in the darkness of blue. Sounds of the sea and howling gale rip through the stasis of the blue screen. An audiovisual project, a shift from the reliance on the visual alone to the creation of the visual in the mind through sound; listen and you can hear blue hues. Names of those who make Jarman feel ‘blue’ are reiterated over and over; the human voice intermingling with a rasping electronic machine; a hospital machine or a music maker, death lingers on the edges. Alien sounds disconnected from their visual origins, a twinkling music box plays off-key.  A nightmare of being trapped in blue, where all other colours are banished to a wasteland of perpetual darkness; blindness of vision is replaced by an overwhelming and invasive soundtrack of everyday noises, musical interludes, haunting voices and mechanical clunks and clinks. A collage of vision is replaced by a collage of sound, full and thick, which melts into the ear or violently stings, pricks and slices.

Watch / listen here: http://youtu.be/wVaC3XKSi5M



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