19-20 APRIL 2012

An International Conference exploring colour within Applied Arts, Health & Well-being

In association with the Journal of Applied Arts & Health and The University of Northampton

Over two days (with an optional third day workshop class) artists, health professionals and academics from around the world will gather at The University of Northampton to explore developments in the way colour is used for health and well-being. For more information visit:

I’ll be delivering a 20min paper responding to the conference category “Living with or Without Colour”, emphasising the role of colour in discourses on health and the understanding of sensory impairment. The paper will discuss how Derek Jarman, through his text Chroma (1993) and his film Blue (1993), raises issues of sensory impairment and encroaching blindness due to AIDS related complications. The paper will also discuss the aims of the project Colour/ “Chroma”, and the role colour can play in encouraging participants to engage with discourses on sensory experience. Concepts of sensory perception, the complex relationship between the visual and the auditory as well as the failures, idiosyncrasies, and ruptures of language and communication will be explored, and the role colour plays in these discourses.



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