Event: In Memory of “Chroma”

In Memory of “Chroma” is a science-arts collaboration between Dr Frank Mair (Chemistry) and PhD researcher Jenna Carine Ashton (Art History & Visual Studies), exploring the role of colour within science and visual art. The lecture responds to Derek Jarman’s haunting book “Chroma: A Book of Colour – June ’93” which was written a year before the author’s death. Jarman’s exploration of colour within history, literature, philosophy, psychology, religion, science, art, alchemy, and personal memory, is all the more poignant due to his encroaching blindness from AIDS related complications. Through live chemical experiments by Dr Frank Mair and a narrative of art, history, memory and science from Jenna Carine Ashton, their lecture-event invites an audience to revisit, and remember “Chroma”.

This blog offers the reader thoughts on colour and presents some of the contributing material which is to be woven into Frank’s and Jenna’s event, [Sat 19th November 2011, 2pm, The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester].


The event, listed as “Chroma”, was performed for the second time at Manchester Science Festival (26 Oct 2013, UoM).

We would love you to respond with your thoughts on colour.






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